Paraguay: The Switzerland of South America

Cerro Leon Property

Yes, strong statement but true.  Paraguay is your foothold to one of the world’s largest trading blocks and Paraguay VC is here to help.  We assist International Investors and Entrepreneurs to raise funds, structure world-class legal frameworks, and  establish businesses of all kinds.  

Benefits of doing business in Paraguay:

  • No issues at all with personal safety (the opposite of Brazil)
  • Low profile–Paraguay is never in the news or of much concern in the global arena; resulting in excellent privacy
  • Extremely low taxes:
    — 10% on in Country revenue
    — Tax free out of Country revenue
  • Pro-business & extremely stable government (see OECD reports below)
  • Strong property rights
  • Crypto friendly
  • English widely spoken in city-centers

Current Project: 40 Hectare – Cerro Leon PY

Paraguay has a vibrant and multi-billion dollar agriculture and real estate economy.  Extensive financial analysis identifies the Asuncion locale as the single best investment opportunity in the Country.  Paraguay VC has secured ownership and control of 40 hectares (98 US Acres) in the Cerro Leon area for residential development with the potential for 80 single-family homes to be built with cryptocurrency financing.  The housing will then be financed directly to the home buyers.  Cashflow from the purchase will be rebated back to the cryptocurrency investor with a “dual-token” strategy:

  • Capital Appreciation Token (CAT): represents the ownership of the property (rental homes)
  • Monthly Income Net Token (MINT): represents the positive cashflow from payments rebated back to the token holder (both rental and financed homes)

Tokens may be combined or separate depending on the needs of the investor and provide instantaneous liquidity on many world-wide crytpo-exchanges.

This unique cryptocurrency financing scheme will be replicated on additional development projects allowing a market-driven approach to expanded business. 

Research: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Library

    About Paraguay Venture Capital

    Paraguay VC is a Paraguay-USA Joint Venture focused on increasing the economic activity; which at the current moment quite small at $2.3B USD.  This represents almost unlimited potential.

    US State Department is absolutely supportive of Paraguay and the door is open for business: Official Statement.

    US State Department: Paraguay Summary & News Page

    Principals at Paraguay VC reside in the Asuncion area and have official relations with top Business, Legal, Political, and Banking resources. 

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